Giving ambitious entrepreneurs a new way to achieve profitable, predictable and consistent growth. 


Manu Equity introduced a new model for supporting ambitious entrepreneurs to get the freedom, wealth and impact they desire. 

We do things differently.

We provide funding and help entrepreneurs set up a Marketing System that turns their business into a cash-generating machine without the stress and overwhelm. 

The system includes strategic marketing plans, advertising campaigns and sales funnels customized to your specific business.

Who do we work with?

If you market, sell or deliver products and services online, we can help you. 

We partner with entrepreneurs who have a great product, reasonable traction and the drive to become number one in their market.  

 This includes software, information, business services, consulting and ecommerce businesses. 

For seasoned entrepreneurs:
Entrepreneurs & Marketers Fellowship

For early stage founders:
Business Growth Bootcamp

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Our Expertise

1. Marketing Strategy:
An effective plan to bring you a constant stream of paying customers, reactivate past customers, retain current customers and make you a celebrated authority in your market and increase your marketshare. 

2. Profitable Advertising Campaigns:
Direct response campaigns that turn your marketing costs into profits. 

3. Sales funnels and systems:
Increase your profits and market share without the stress or overwhelm. 

4. Joint ventures & Distribution:
Get distribution and leverage by employing other people's assets. 

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4 Main Ways To Grow A Business Faster

1. Increase the number of buyers/customers/prospects/clients/patients (This is what most businesses focus on.)

2. Increase the size of the transaction. I.e price, bundle of items, premium/deluxe package. (This is easier and can boost your profits almost immediately)

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How to stop customers from leaving 

If you always have to look for new customers to hit your income goals then maybe your problem is not marketing or sales. 

You may be suffering from customer retention issues because you don't have a system that retains, engages and nurtures existing customers. 

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