We help you turn overlooked assets and hidden opportunities into your competitive advantage.

Who we are

MANU EQUITY is a business growth firm focused on helping consultants, professional services, software and online businesses get faster results,

increase their impact and became the celebrated authority in their market.

We help our clients turn hidden opportunities and overlooked assets into an unfair competitive advantage.

We work with high fee consultants, advisors, professional services and online businesses.

What we do 
1. Setting up marketing campaigns and sales systems
2. Turning advertising into profits without increasing your overhead
3. Turning your business into an automated lead generation machine
4. Selling products and services with advanced information marketing strategies.

Why it matters to you 
You are looking for faster sales and bigger profits.
You want predictable revenue without the stress and overwhelm.
If you want a self-managing customer acquisition machine, we can help.

What to do next

Before deciding if we’re a good fit, you have to know how we think and how we got so good at what we do. Click here for answers to your biggest Business Growth questions.